Everything was just chaotic. Villagers ran around, driven by fear. Families were apart from each other, seperated in the chaos. Corporal Beirne told me to head to the Inn as fast as I could but there was no way I could go without helping at least some of the villagers. I aided the Seraph wherever it was possible, driving away Centaurs from innocent villagers and telling the villagers to head to the Inn. It seems like most of them got there unharmed and I hope everybody finds his lost ones, after this is all over. I got a few scratches on my way to the Inn but managed to avoid most of the direct attacks from these horselike things. I really don’t now what they want, neither why they are attacking us. I got no choice but fighting, it’s either me or them and I refuse to die on my first day outside the city.

The Inn certainly seemed to be safe. Some wounded Seraph were inside and as I guessed everyone was still alarmed. Just as I arrived I overheard a report from a Seraph to Sergeant Walters. Captain Thackeray, who was currently defending the garrison on the other side of the town, called for reinforcements. Since Sergeant Walters couldn’t spare anyone because of the dire situation here I decided to go. I have to help, there is no time to sit by and watch when Shaemoor is still in danger. The Centaur attack will become a nightmare if they manage to pass the garrison. I left the Inn at once, heading to aid Captain Thackeray and hopefully to get rid of enough Centaurs to drive them out the town.

During my way to the garrison I once again noticed how dire the situation really was: every single Seraph was occupied fighting the Centaurs and despite this there were still Centaurs left rampaging across the town, destroying the fields and killing every single one in sight. I took down as many I could.

The garrisons gate were closed, when I arrived in front of them but thankfully I was not the only one who followed the Captains request for help and together we managed to defend the gate until the Seraph could open it again to let us in.

Captain Thackeray was already waiting for us, but there was no time to chat. Just as we arrived the Centaurs startet an attack on the garrison. They came in waves, five to six of them sometimes and I guess it’s still better not to think about how long they would have managed to endure that without reinforcements. It just seemed like it was over, when the leader of the Centaurs himself paid us a visit. We nearly had him! We were so close, but he seemed to be a shaman or something similar. Suddenly I was pushed back by an invisible force and nobody was able to get even close to the Centaur leader. Just in front of the garrison he stood and summoned two gigantic hands straight out of the ground. They were made out of an mixture of earth and stone and over them were all kind of things floating in a big circle in the air. We definitly had to take those hands down!

It was no easy job. Different things dropped down from above as we continued our fight: stones, metal scraps, large pieces of wood and other things. I managed do dogde most it and rather quickly the first hand was taken down. I didn’t even notice the little stone elementals crawling out of the earth behind me and thankfully some of the Seraph took care of them. The seconde hand fell quite some time after the other one and just as we retreated I heard Captain Thackeray’s warning voice. Too late. I don’t know what hit me when the elemental exploded and send everything flying it had hold a second ago but suddenly my world went dark.


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