This is my Story!

The human race once ruled Tyria. But now, we struggle to hold our ground. We’ve been defeated, driven back and broken. But we will not surrender! So many nations have fallen. Only Kryta still stands. Our faith is strong, despite the silence of the six gods. With courage, we’ll make our stand in Divinity’s Reach.

My name is Lyélle, the city is my home. I grew up on the streets. Although I have friends, my life has always been hard. I’ve faced the worst this city could throw at me, and I sent it home bleeding. I’m done living hand to mouth. There’s a war on our doorstep, and I refuse to be buried by it.

Today I stepped outside Divinity’s Reach, hoping to find better luck outside the city. Problem is, when I arrived in Shaemoor, the village was under attack by centaurs. Innovent villagers are in danger. Someone has to help. I can take care of myself, but that’s not enough anymore. Someone has to help those who can’t.

This is my story.


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