Diah’s Fields

On my way to the fields I noticed that there were still traces of the Centaur attack left. On the wide bridge to the fields were still remains of a blockade left and every conversation I overheard was either about the Centaur attack or about the bandits, who still tried to take advantage of the bad situation in Shaemoor. But I haven’t lost faith yet. Yes, it might take some days yet but I’m sure everyone in Shaemoor will get back on their feet.

I just arrived on time. When I got to Diah’s fields some bandits were loitering around trying to burn the crop. It was not a hard task, most of them didn’t want to mess with Sean. Who’s Sean? He was once a brown bear cub I found out in the woods, now he’s fully grown and follows me everywhere. Most guys don’t want to mess with him.

After we got rid of the bandits I helped Diah and her husband Jeb watering the corn, feeding the cows and clearing out some of the worms in the fields. We were just about to get finished as a giant worm mother appeared clearly angry that we had killed many of her children. She managed to occupie us for some time but together with two Seraph we also got rid of her thus bringing an end to the worm plague on the fields.

Diah even insisted to pay me a small amount for my help, even after I refused to take any money for my work. Seconds later a letter from Quinn arrived, saying that he once again, got a business proposition I’d want to join. Knowing Quinn I’m sure he managed, once again, to get in some trouble so I headed back to the city immediately.


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