Three Days later

As I woke up the first thing I noticed was that my head hurt like hell. My sight was still blurry and it took me a while to fully get aware of where I was. I didn’t know the place. As many beds as possible had been set up across the room, out of blankets and other things that made it comfortable enough to lay on the ground. Furniture was little, some small cupboards stood beside a window in company of a basket and other things that held medicines and bandages. I just noticed that the way to the upper floor was blocked by another bed, when a Priestess appeared who had noticed that I was awake.

Her name was Amelia and she told me what happened after the elemental exploded. According to her Captain Thackeray brought me here personally and three days have passed since then. I really couldn’t believe it first, it was just weird to be told that I was missing three days but the persisting pain in my head told me that I had to take it for real. It seems there were even some visitors for me: Seraph, villagers and of course my friend Quinn. I’ll go look for him later, once I’m fully recovered. For now I decided to follow the advice of the Priestess to help out the people.

The Town was still recovering from the Centaurs attack and it couldn’t hurt to help some of the villagers at times like this. And fresh air would surely help me to get rid of this nasty headache. I still took my time to speak with some of the injured Seraph whose wounds were been treated. Somehow I managed to encourage them a bit, also it was quiet sad to hear that one of them had lost all his friends in the Centaur attack.

I decided to step outside the door and immediately stumled upon watchmen Rebec. He told me what was going on in Shaemoor and pointed me to the fellows I could help. I decided to head towards farmer Diah’s fields and took my leave, still not really knowing what I would find out there.


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