A stroll through the City and a visit to the Dam

After I parted with Captain Thackeray I needed some time to think and sort my mind. Pete was always acting at dawn so I knew I still had some time left. I decided to take a stroll through the City and after some time I ended up in the Shrine of the Six. The fountain, the candles and the light was calming for everyone else but it made me impatient. I wanted to know what was going on outside and still it wouldn’t be of any use to get out too early. If they saw me there maybe they would postpone their plans and I didn’t want to mess up the Seraphs operation.

I left the Shrine and aimlessly wandered around in the City ending up in nearly every corner of it. I really saw a lot. Different people, most of the statues of the gods and the one or other beautiful sight. But I decided to leave the town. Some training should do me good. Not only to get my mind cleared but also to get ready for what awaits me at dawn.

I ended up helping the Fishermen Travis as Justin alongside the river in front of the Western Divinty Dam. They sure have a dangerous job. Attacks by Drakes and their hatchlings are rather common and the Skale are also quite agressive if you get near them. Not only that the Drakes eat the fish the two are supposed to catch, the drake hatchlings also get caught in the traps often. I don’t need to mention that they aren’t really friendly if you free them I guess. Some time later I received a letter from the guys that they were doing better after I decreased the drake population. I was really glad to hear that.

After this I visited the western dam nearby figuring out that they had quite a problem with harpies, earth elementals and leaks. I helped to drive back the harpies which had just crawled out of their nest, so the workers could continue to build the dam. However I got the impression that Foremaker Flannum shouldn’t be as harsh to them. But I’m in no position to judge him I guess. It sure seems to be stressfull to deal with all the trouble involved the dam.

I noticed that dawn drew near and decided to get on my way to the Apothecary. Hoping that Quinn will still be okay buy the time I arrive.


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