Quinn’s trouble

Spending some time outside the City I nearly forgot how huge Divinity’s Reach really is. On my way to the district where I grew up I noticed that I barely knew other parts of the town. The main streets are really large. Large enough to bear market stalls on each side of the road. You really could meet a lot of people here, it’s always crowded and I hope this fact never changes. I really like the vivid side of Divinity’s Reach and most people seem to be happy here. Hopefully it’ll stay like this.

Captain Thackeray really seemed to be a common topic if it comes to the ladys talks. From what I heard he’s always been busy running around in town and looking after everything. I hardly believed I’ll ever get to thank him for bringing me to the Priests of Dwayna after I got injured.

Well, my idle thought were easily interrupted when I met Quinn. As usually he managed to get himself into some trouble. It seems like he got a member of Two Blade Pete’s gang kidnapped, because he didn’t remember to back her up. I even didn’t want to know what they were doing but I guess I had no choice but helping Quinn out. Pete would slice him in pieces if Quinn wouldn’t manage to free Riot Alice unharmed.

The Widowmakers hideout where Alice was held captive was just around the corner but we didn’t have the password to get in. Gladly Quinn new were some of the guys were hanging around. We just had to question them a bit to get the password. Well, actually that means beating the hell out of them until one of them would start to talk. They gave up quite early but now came the harder task: rescuing Riot Alice out of the Widowmakers hideout.

I guessed right when I thought that we would have to deal with more than three of them. It was five against two but we managed quite fine. And at least Alice showed a little gratitude for beeing saved. Two-Blade Pete didn’t seem overjoyed he still refused to let Quinn out of the gang. I fear if Quinn stays with them too long he might get into some trouble that could be too big for him. Pete doesn’t care the tiniest bit about whats happening to Quinn.

I just thougth about getting somewhere else to think a bit as a Seraph approached me, telling me that Captain Thackeray was waiting for me at the nearby tavern. Well that much about my guess I wouldn’t see him any time soon. I really had no idea what he could want from me. Anyway, there was only one way to find out.

I was rather surprised that he was asking if I knew something about Two-Blade Pete. It seemed that lately he and his gang got in rather deadly trouble. I told Thackeray everthing I knew including that Riot Alice had mentioned an Apothecary earlier. I was so busy thinking that I had to get Quinn out of trouble again that I totally forgot to thank the Captain for helping me. He even called me the hero of Shaemoor. Somehow it sounds weird to me but I guess I could get used to it, although I don’t really feel like a hero. I mean, everyone would have done the same, right?


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