Going Undercover

I took my time till I decided I could easily sneak into the hideout. I waited some hours since I feared it would look suspicious if I arrived right after the commotion at the apothecary. Anyway I managed to get a good look at the surroundings of the bandits hideout and even found a few decent escape routes if they figured out who I really was. It was going to be dangerous after all and I wouldn’t really be of any use to the Seraphs if all they found was my dead body.

To get in was rather easy. I just told the guard after the door I got out of prison a few days ago and he put me up to some jobs to prove myself. Slaying the Drakes in the water was rather no tough job and after I got rid of some old Skale for them he even spit some intel about what they were planning next.

I still needed to know more after this, so I decided to ask the Doc Howler who seemed to be making an antidote for the gang. She put me up to gather some indigredients for her and told me the rest I needed to know. They were indeed planning to poison the City’s water supplies and she was in charge of making sure only the right people would died.

I carefully questioned Riot Alice and she even let slip where they were planning to get the poison into the water. Anyway I knew I had to leave, it was just a second but she nearly blew my cover. I managed to convince her I was an old member from some time ago but since I knew everthing I thought it was better to leave. And hopefully I even made Alice thinking about leaving Pete, at least she confessed that she already started to think about it. Hopefully she finds a way out of this mess.

I hurried back to the Seraphs office in the City eager to tell Captain Thackeray what I found out. We definitely had to stop them. If they would really manage to poison Divinity’s Reach water supplies countless of innocent people would die! I still had no idea which harsh decision I had yet to make.

Captain Thackeray and Countess Anise where both waiting for me. I told them immediately what I found out and both agreed that Pete needs to be stopped before anything happens. Yet Captain Thackeray had bad news for me. Pete’s gang found out where Quinn was hiding and thought he gave away facts about the apothecary job. They would kill him for sure! Now the choice lay on me. Would I help the Seraph to stop Pete from poisoning countless people or would I leave the job to them and save Quinn.

My mind was in an uproar. I needed some time to think and thankfully nobody pressured me about making my decision at once. The City or Quinn… no matter how I looked at it I just couldn’t leave him alone in his hideout, wherever it might be, not knowing that Pete would send someone to kill him. The Seraph had to manage without me. I trust them and I simply can’t leave a friend behind.


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