The Apothecary

I feared I would be late and I was right. Whatever they stole, they got away with it. Most of them where gone unharmed when I got there and to my horror right as I arrived they planned on killing the Apothecary on Pete orders. At least Quinn saw in what a pinch he was again and he even tried to stop them. Together we managed to take down the remaining group but the bad news came right after this. What they stole was the entire supply of rhizome powder. A strong poison according to the Apothecary. What are their plans? Do they want to kill the entire town?

I didn’t know. At least I managed to convince Quinn it was better to hide after what he did today although he was not so happy to find out that I decided to help Captain Thackeray. Concerning our latest actions I really think Two-Blade Pete wants us only one way: dead. Still Quinn didn’t want to tell the Seraph what he knew about the plans, so we had to figure it out by ourselves. Hopefully there will come a day when he stops trusting idiots like Pete and figures out who really cares about him. I had to leave him with his confused mind in the meantime since he took his leave right after spotting the first Seraph.

Thackeray and the Seraph just arrived minutes later. He introduced me to Countess Anise the advisor to the royal court and master exemplar of the Shining Blade. I told them everything I knew, including that I wanted to help them stopping Pete. I felt responsible, if I had arrived on time I could have stopped them from even stealing the poison. We figured there was only one way to get to know what Pete was planning: I’d disguise myself as a bandit and sneak into their hideout. Countess Anise casted a spell over me that would only activate if I approached the hideout and Captain Thackeray told me to be careful before handing me over the map where the location of the stash was marked.


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