Breaking the Blade

Quinn and Captain Thackeray were already wating for me when I got to the tavern. The plan was easy. Pete knew that we both were alive, something he wasn’t really happy about. We expected him to send some of his thugs into the Tavern to take care of Quinn and me. However Captain Thackeray was quite sure that Pete would show his dirty self if we managed to make his men fail again. the Captain would hide himself until then, only showing up when Pete himself would arrive. Nothing against that, the plan was kind of bulletproof.

Just after we finished the preparation and Captain Thackeray and the two Seraph who accompanied him had hidden themselve someone showed up I didn’t expect. It was Riot Alice. She tried to warn me that Pete was on his way to the tavern and told me that she left the gang. I told here that Pete was expected and that I was lucky to hear she changed his mind. It seems that she indeed saw through my disguise when I was undercover earlier. She made me promise that I won’t do something as stupid as dying while dealing with Pete and left a few minuites later. I told here there was no need to worry about something like this.

As expected he send some of his thugs into the Tavern before showing himself. We even got the pleasure to deal with the Doc before Pete payed us a visit. I don’t know how he still managed to be so full of himself but at least he looked kind of confused when Captain Thackeray showed up again. Anyway that didn’t mean he was easy to deal with. After all he had nothing more to loose. And those man can be quite dangerous. He even used explosives during the fight but nonetheless against us he didn’t stood a chance. It was only prolonging the battle a bit, nothing else.

Pete was finaly gone and I was really glad that it was all over. Never again we would hear something about him or his gang. Even Quinn got out of this unharmed after all Captain Thackeray told him to stay out of trouble in the future and spared him this time. I hope Quinn remembers those words. I don’t really know what is going to happen next but I won’t always be around to help him. After all Captain Thackeray told me that he would stay in contact with me and send after me if he needed my help again in the future.


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