The Rescue

After making my decision to save Quinn instead of aiding the Seraph with their task I left the City immediately. There was no time to waste and I still had quite a way to got.

Quinn was hiding himself in a little Township named Claypool, south of Divinitys Reach. It was quite a journey and once again I feared I would be too late. However somehow I was lucky this time I just arrived when Quinn was trying to talk his way out of things. As I guessed Pete himself wasn’t even here. He would rather take a look how things were going in the City, than dirty his own hands with Quinns blood. The talking failed really quickly Crusher Dan had his orders and he would surely enjoy to carry them out. But I wasn’t here to stand by and watch and since Quinn was frozen in fear, not able to move a muscle I got my own private match with Dan.

It took some time fighting him, he might have had no brain but pure streng is somewhat you have to be carefull of. Anyway after dealing with Dan there wasn’t really time to talk. Pete had hidden his thugs in half of the town. He really wanted to make sure that Quinn didn’t get out of this alive. Seems like he didn’t consider that someone would actually help Quinn. Even some Seraph arrived after they heard what was going on. We fougth our way through till we arrived at the Town gates and even Quinn had quite a part in the battle.

There wasn’t even a need to tell him that Pete wasn’t his friend. It seemed like he finally figuered out whom he could trust and whom not. He even thanked me for helping him. I hope thats enough to get him back on the right track. Well, but as always he wasn’t to pleased as he noticed that I was going to tell the Seraph about everything. Somehow I managed to convince him to take Pete down for good, we would meet later at the tavern. I think Captain Thackeray wouldn’t mind getting rid of Pete either and I had a little idea in mind to make sure Pete would show up.


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