A vacation to Beetletun

I expected it to be a while until I would here from Captain Thackeray again, so I decided to take a little vacation outside of Divinity’s Reach. I knew too little of what was going on in the world and at least starting with Queensdale should be a good idea.

Since I knew a good deal of what was going on around the Western Dam I decided to head east and ended up at the garrison. The Seraph where always in battle with the Centaurs in front of the gates. It really has to be an exhausting job. I joined some of them during their patrol before I ended up on an old windmill that had drawn my attention.

I found a mad Skritt on the roof sourrounded by different things it had collected. I don’t know what was going on in his mind but the Skritt demanded a fight, telling me I was a dragon. It was good practice and nobody got hurt in the end but I got kinda curious how he ended up on the windmill. However I didn’t get a word out of him.

I visited the Lumbermill in Queen’s Forest afterwards getting really annoyed by the many wasps that were around. Sean seemed to have fun with them and after a while I decided to join him for a bit. I had picked up a greatsword recently instead of my axe and dagger and I still needed some training with them. One of the laborers told me that the Hunting Lodge could use some help and it would be a good training place so I decided to pay them a visit.

I came at the right second, just as I arrived some hunters went to slay the giant Boar in the forest. I joined them and it was a really worthy fight. It was really impressive that some boars in this forest turn out that huge and I guess with this much meat there is no need to worry about the supplies for the Seraph in the next time.

At the end I ended up in Beetletun following the path from the Hunting Lodge. It is a really nice town and Minister Caudecus Manor is a really impressive sight. I stayed there for some time untill I decided to get back to Devinity’s Reach. It was late afternoon already and I guessed I wouldn’t make it back to the City before dawn.


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