Voices from the past

Just as I arrived at Divinity’s Reach I received a letter from an unknown sender which ran like this:

My friend,

Congratulations on your recent accolades as the “Hero of Shaemoor”. I’m a researcher for the Queen’s archives, and I have recently uncovered some information regarding your parents. I thought you might want to see it. I would prefer to discuss the details in person, so if you will meet me at the palace gardens at Divinity’s Reach, I’ll share them with you.

To prove I am what I say, I have enclosed half of an amulet, which I believe will match a broken one you’ve owned since you were born- something my research led me to uncover. I look forward to meeting you face-to-face.

A friend.

I just didn’t know what to think about it. I never knew what happened to my parents. They just vanished out of my life and to date I don’t really know anything about them. The only thing I do know or at least I want to believe there had to be a reason for them leaving me behind. I don’t think they did it because they were bad parents. It seems like I finally found a way to uncover the truth. It may be a risk to meet up with a stranger but I don’t got any trace else to follow.

I met up with the informant who was supposed to tell me what was going on. He talked quite weird, like he didn’t actually wanted to tell me what he knew. I was supposed to find out a second later. It was actually an ambush on a bright day in the middle of the City! And if I hadn’t got help from the Exemplars of the Shining Blade Salia und Mehid I would be dead by now. Assassins were just swarming the place and it took a while until the shock wore down after we defeated them. Why would they try to kill me, what did they know about my parents what I didn’t and where did they get the other half of the amulet they send with the letter?

Some of the answers I got from Exemplar Salia and Mehid after the fight. Apperantly the ones who were trying to assasinate me where members of the White Mantle, an ancient cult who opposes the Queen and all who are helping her protecting the people and the kingdom. Judging from the symbol on the amulet my parents seemed to have been working for the Queens father and been quite loyal to the kingdom itself. The Shining Blade just planned a raid on a known White Mantle hidout, a hunting lodge near Beetletun. It seemed to be the one I just visited early that day. If they wanted or not I insisted on helping them. Not only I could pay them back for saving me during the raid maybe there was something I could learn about what happened to my parents.


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