Rending the Mantle

I arrived at the hideout right after Mehid and Salia. It seemed in their Armor it was a little too obvious that the two where members of the Shining Blade. Even outside where some of the White Mantle hiding, attacking us at once right after we were spotted.

The place was covered in White Mantle members. Not only seemed it to be their hideout it seemed also that some kind of meeting was going on here at the moment. Well the guard at the door was not really effective and we managed to get in quite easily.

We searched the whole house for them. A task that was quite easy to handle, since they didn’t really hide from us rather jumped out in the open trying to kill us. It may sound weird but I kind of start to get used to it that some people are after my life. It can’t get really worse, can it?

The Lodge was nearly cleared when one of the White Mantle members took a Servant as a hostage, telling us he would kill her. He only feared for his own life, thinking because I was with the Shining Blade we simply would kill everyone. I managed to convince him to let the Servant go – and run for his life. It might be better if he avoids to take a deep breath until he reaches Rata Sum. Hopefully he thinks over if this cult is the right thing for him.

The basement door was locked but an old lock really can’t withstand a proper kick. The door opened and I really wasn’t surprised to see the informant again. The scoundrel got away after he send his thugs for me earlier. Now he wasn’t as lucky. As I told Pete before our final fight. He wasn’t the first who tried – and died.

After defeating the Informant and another member of the White Mantle which prefered to rather let her weapon talk, we searched the place for informations about what the Mantle might be planning next. They were some coded messages which where not really of any use but also a list of names. Some of the people who where allies of the Queen. Countess Anise, Captain Thackeray and my name where the ones I spotted. If they manage to take out all these people Divinity’s Reach and the Queen would be in real danger. It was a quick decision: we would meet up again in the City to warn Captain Thackeray.

Why am I always the last one to arrive anywhere? Well, doesn’t really matter. I just noticed that Countess Anise wasn’t overjoyed that Salia and Mehid involved me in this whole matter. Good, I get that I’m no member of the Shining Blade and still a civilian but what did she mean by ‘especially’ me? I guess I never get an answer to this question.

We told Thackeray and Anise what was going on. I just expected that the Countess already knew from Mehid and Salia. The Captain wanted to attack the Mantle head on, the Countess told him that a surprise attack would be better, after all the White Mantle was no horde of headless Centaurs. Well, as always I was the one to make the decision. I hope Captain Thackeray doesn’t mind it but after all Countess Anise is dealing longer with the White Mantle so I decided that her plan would be best.

We’ll ambush them, luring them out with an important official to patrol near one of the White Mantle’s main hideout. When they attack the bait, we wipe them out. At last thats for theory. I hope it does work as it should.


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