The Sting

There were still preparations to make until we could actually take the White Mantle on. It was the first time I really hated waiting. I was anxious. Not only wanted I the White Mantle gone because they where after the life of my friends I wanted to know something about my parents. Wanted at least to figure out why they never looked after me. For me, so it seemed, the ambush on the White Mantle was the last hope getting to know anything. And yet I still had to wait. To shorten the time I went out for training. Sitting idle arround and doing nothing was something I couldn’t bear at the moment.

At least time for waiting was up and I met up with Countess Anise, Captain Thackeray, Mehid and Salia including some Seraph at the point were the White Mantle surely should show up. Logan and Anise both wanted to be bait and lure them out but at the end the arguement that Anise was hardly seen alone without the Queen was quite convincing. So Logan stepped out and just a second later a leader of the White Mantle arrived. And just as everything seemed to be going as planned Logan nearly ruined it all. He just mocked the White Mantle in a way that I nearly burst out laughing. The hammy way he reacted to the White Mantle’s announcement that they planned to kill him was just unbelievable funny. I knew he did it on purpose and I’m quite sure I’ll never ever forget it.

The fight after it was actually more of a harsh battle. We had to avoid all kind of explosives and the White Mantle seemed really to be a well trained bunch. Anyway in the end we where better off and won the fight and seemed to have just lost every trace that could lead to my parents. I was just about to lose hope as Mehid told me that they found out about the last residence where my parents seemed to be living in. It was more than I had hoped for and Countess Anise even agreed that Salia and Mehid would accompany me on this mission. I don’t have to mention that I was quite excited but anyway, we all needed a bit of rest after the fight and since the Shining Blade still had to attend a briefing we decided to meet up again the next day.


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