Ashes of the Past

It was a strange feeling. All the way to the meeting point I wasn’t entirely sure if I was just lying in my bed dreaming or if what just was about to be happen was true. Would I really find out what happened to my parents? Why they never searched for me and what they did? At least I would discover where I lived for a period of time but what more would be found?

Mehid and Salia where already waiting for me and as usually some trouble arrived earlier on. Four Ettins were trying to ambush as whatever may have been the reason. We really had to be carefull, dodging their clubs was crucial. I don’t whant to know for how long you get knocked out if you were actually hitten by one. Anyway Mehid and Salia are good trained and they didn’t give us a hard time for long.

I took a look around after we got rid of the ettins. There where some wild Goats, a Ram and some Chicken running around I even spotted a black rabbit. The house was made of white clay and you could easily imagine how beatiful it would have been to grew up here among all those animals under the care of my parents. But this will stay a dream forever.

As Mehid told me the last letter they got from my parents said they feared White Mantle cultists found out they where spies. They were actually serving under Queen Jennah’s father infiltrating and eleminating White Mantle Cells. I’m really proud to have had such parents. They repeatedly risked their life to save countles lifes of people whom they didn’t even knew.

Inside the house we had to fight against a Spider Brood Mother who seemed to be living there for a while. Countless spider webs where scattered all over the place and Hatchlings where crawling out of every corner. It was a fierce fight, we had to be carefull with those poisenous beasts and I guess without Mehid and Salia I wouldn’t have managed them. It where just too many. United we put every single one of them to rest and at least discovered the last secret.

Somebody had set up graves for my parents. The inscriptions could hardly been read but at least I managed to decipher a part, however both names where not readable any longer but the inscriptions told me anything I needed to know.
On my fathers grave stood:
A fierce protector, and a loyal friend. He held three things above all: his dedication to his wife, his duty to his country, and his love for his child, Lyélle.
And on my mothers grave was written:
Cherished Wife, Devoted Mother, Loyal Servant of Kryta. ‘Our life’s labor was to make a better world for the children to live in. May our beloved Lyélle find it so.’

I was touched. I spend some time in silence there nearly forgetting that I wasn’t alone. I had hoped for a long time that my parents where still waiting for me and that I would meet them one day. I have to give up on this dream but at least I carry on theirs by protecting the people of Kryta and serving the Queen as they did.

I guess this won’t be the last time I went to this place. I hope, where ever they are, that they know I’m safe and that they watch over me somehow.


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