Summoned to the Throne

I spend the rest of the Day wandering around by my own. Just thinking about what has happened and what I found out about my parents. Whoever set those gravestones for my parents I’m truly gratefull to them that they left something behind for me and for my parents. I’d like to meet them some day, to thank them and ask them how my parents where and such things but I fear this day will never come or at least I might have to wait quite a long time.

Just when I was thinking about training I received a letter from Countess Anise. I was summoned to the queen’s throne room?! Logan sure said he would contact me if he needed any help but I never imagined to get an official letter from the Countess that the Queen actually wants to meet me. I just read the lines over and over again but it actually was true: I was summoned to the Queen. Period.

Hero of Shaemoor,

By the Will and Command of Queen Jennah of Kryta, you are hereby formally summoned to attend the royal presence. Make all haste to her throne room in Divinty’s Reach and you will be welcomed there. Until next we meet, may the Six Gods watch over you in all things.

Countess Anise

Despite the formal phrasing it sounded quite urgent so I turned around at once and hurried back to the City. I didn’t know what was waiting there for me but I had to admit I was a little excited. You don’t get summoned to the Queen all day. Well maybe for the Countess it’s different but for me that was something special.

Captain Thackeray, Countess Anise and the Queen where already waiting for me. They told me that in a swamp in southern Kryta people where endangered by Risen undead, minions of Zhaitan. The swamp, called Lychcroft Mere, was used to gather marsh moss, which was burned instead of wood in cold nights. All the wood and most of the lumber there goes to build catapults and defenses against the Centaurs.

According to the Queen the three Orders of Tyria where already trying to solve this problem but couldn’t agree an a plan. The Queen was concerned that more people would get hurt while the Orders where still bickering and I really understand her. I would been send to Ireko Tradecamp, where the Orders representatives where currently gathered and would act as Advocate of the Crown. My job was to decide which orders plan was the best and then act based on it. I even get the full authority of the crown. I have to deal with the Vigil, the Order of Whispers and the Durmand Priory. I never heard of them but I guess they’ll tell me what I need to know.

I was amazed. I didn’t expect anything like this but there was no way I wouldn’t accept this task. People were in danger and if I could help I would. I decided to follow the path my parents went and protect Kryta and the Queen but it wouldn’t be wrong to stray from it a little and to protect Tyria. This may be a small opportunity to push back Zhaitan but every strike against the dragon may lead to its downfall if there are enough strikes made.


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