The Mortus Virge

I met up with Scholar Josir immediately. No one knew how long these poor kids were trapped inside the swamp surrounded by risen undead and so I decided it was better to get them out at fast as possible.

With the Mortus Virge we could mainly avoid combat entirely and since it was just the two of us we managed to sneak around most of the undead. All the kids got home safe, this device is realy a wounderous one. Enchanted with its magic you are able to sense the undead and it confuses them so it’s harder for them to find you. It worked just fine.

Scholar Josir told me afterwards it was based on an Charr invention and I really wonder if the Durmand Priory got any more of such devices. Mainly the Priory travels the world, seeking lost knowledge to use against Zhaitan. Using this knowledge inventions like the Mortus Virge are made and tested if they can be of any use in the fight against the dragon. But enough for the chatting. It might sound interesting but we had to head back do Divinity’s Reach to inform the others about our success and to be honest for know I wanted to get out of this swamp.

The Orders representatives had already informed Logan about our success but there still remained the problem with the undead. The children we saved told that they saw a Seraph soldier among the undead who wasn’t even attacked by them. His name is Kellach but despite that he didn’t report for duty we know nearly nothing about him. At the same time Vigil Scouts saw the undead approaching the town of Triskell Quay. The corruption seems to be spreading.

And as always the decision is up to me. Should we defend Triskell Quay or should we investigate on what happened to Kellach. I did once make this decision already but the last time Quinn’s life was on the line. He was a friend, I just couldn’t let him die. Triskell Quay is another story undead are a real threat and those people need help now.

It’s risky as always I don’t know what will happen when I make my choice but a risen attack is nothing I can just ignore. I don’t regret saving Quinn, thats the least I do but this time searching for a unknown soldier instead of saving a town is something I can’t bring myself to do.

I decided to join Hiroki to defend Triskell Quay. Hopefully we’ll find a trace of Kellach after this battle is over.


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