The Orders of Tyria

The camp where I was headed was set up south of Viathan Lake, south east of some ruins which lay near the Viath Shore. It consisted of several tents of very different types. Some were clearly made by Sylvari, others more permanent where build by Asura and a third sort was set up where I couldn’t really decide who build those. The place was tightly guarded by Tengu scattered all over. Some Villagers were here and even some Merchants.

I found the representatives in a bigger tent set up unter one of the larger Asuran buildings guarded by three Golems from one site and one Tengu near the Entrance. I just needed to make my entrance and I could easily figuring out why the different Orders couldn’t agree on one plan. They were to busy arguing what was wrong whith the other plans instead of finding a way they could all agree on. Mainly it were differences between the Durmand Priory and the Vigil, the Order of Whispers seemed like they were rather moving in the background pulling the strings instead of fighting in the front.

I spoke with the representatives of the other two Orders about their plans, before I decided which one would be the best for this operation. The Vigil is a militia composed of members of all the races of Tyria. They protect those who are unable to fight by their own. Their plan was to make a direct military strike into the swamp.
The Durmand Priory however is an Order that uses knowledge to defeat Zhaitan made up on scholars and archaeologists. They wanted to use a magic item called the Mortus Virge to protect the children and get them out of danger.

I decided to go with the plan of the Durmand Priory in the end. A simple military assault might work but it would also endanger those children even more and I don’t want any casualitys here. The plan of the Priory seems to be the safest for me. I hope this magical device does what Scholar Josir said it will do and get anyone out there unharmed.


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