Gathering Intel

We met up with the other representatives and Captain Thackeray in Devinity’s Reach. I told him what we found out about Kellach’s connection to Alastia Crow and that I wanted to find her and talk to her if possible. It wasn’t as Scholar Josir told us. Alastia Crow died in an undead attack two days ago and even her ship, the Ravenous, was destroid then.

The only means to get something to know about her and Kellach seemed to be her crew now or something she might have left behind beforehand. The crew seemed to be camping near the wreckage of their ship and with a little infiltration we might find out what the Pirates knew. That’s what Ihan of the Order of Whispers suggested. However Scholar Josir had another plan. He knew a Priestess of Grenth who could summon Alastias spirit and thus we would be able to ask her herself.

Like always neither Josir nor Ihan couldn’t decide on a plan. Ihan cosidered it quite rude to disturb the dead but there was no guarantee the crew knew something either. It was only certain that Alastia knew whatever might have happened to Kellach but on the other side could anyone sure say that the Priestess would be able to summon the spirit of the dead Pirate.

In the end I decided not to disturb the dead and to leave Alastia in the mists. If it’s like Ihan said and she trusted her crew this much they have to know something. Hopefully it will help us to find Kellach and get to know why he isn’t harmed by the undead.


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