The Battle of Triskell Quay

I arrived late. Crusader Hiroki had already send their men into battle, to prevent any more harm that may be done by the undead. The town was burning, every house I saw was on fire bud gladly every Citizen got out there unharmed. Houses can be rebuild but a life of a loved one is lost forever.

To secure the town we head to fight our way through a mass of undead. One by one we took them down liberating more of Hirokis men from the fight with every defeated undead. Anyway only a little group stayed at our side and followed us through the battle. The rest stayed behind to secure the town, to make sure no more Risen would come no matter from which direction.

It was a harsh exhausting battle. I consider myself good in training for the things I’ve been through recently but Hiroki outdid me in every way. When I was already getting exhausted and managed only to fight by sheer willpower it didn’t even look like she was breaking a sweat. It was the first time I realized that I still was no real warrior. I wasn’t really used to fighting, I was only a civilian who had survived some decent battles but not because of skill, rather because I was lucky and because I had help.

No matter how the future looks I have to train myself even more. Prepare for even greater battles that may come at me in the future. Even if this preparation might not be neccessary now it won’t do any harm. I won’t know when I have to stand on my own and hold out against the enemy for some time. Maybe such situation will never arise but it’s better to be prepared for anything. I got a certain feeling that this wasn’t the last time I would fight undead.

After the battle Captain Rendar told us that he had seen Kellach short before the undead arrived. He seemed to be cursing someone, maybe a Pirate named Alastia Crow. After he vanished the undead began to swarm the place. We definitely have to find out who this Alastia Crow is and what she knows about Kellach. Maybe we can even find him with her help.


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