Joining an Order

There was no time. Everyone was alerted after we told them what Kellach was thinking and what he certainly would do. Captain Thackeray was quite shocked and after looking at his face I knew he just wanted to rush to the Queens site immediately but we had to think about more than the Queen. Kellach is drawing risen undead and the mass that follows him just gets greater by the second. If we just protect the Queen and leave him be Kellach will destroy every town from Lion’s Arch to Divinity’s Reach.

At least Logan got my point and agreed with me. Now we only had to settle on a plan how we would get rid of Kellach. That’s were the Orders representatives stated that every one of them wanted me to join their Order. I wasn’t really surprised. Along the way I went with each of them I noticed that they tried to tell me more about their Order so I would probably decide to join them. I spoke with Logan for a minuite. He thought it would be a good idea. After all the Orders where all fighting the dragon and now it seems like I’m joining them in this fight.

It was my choice which order to pick and even I had a hard time to choose. I could go with the Vigil fight with them and learn from them, join the Order of Whispers which is quite good at gaining knowledge about what is going on at the moment and pulling strings from behind or I could choose the Durmand Priory and learn more about what they know of the last time the dragons rose. In the end I decided to join the Priory. The Mortus Virge had really impressed me and I’m not really a soldier nor do I like to manipulate people that much. Getting to know more about the past sounds exciting and in the end I hope I get to fight the dragon himself. But first we have to save the Queen. Even if we don’t got much time there are still preparations to make. We really have to hurry.


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