The Sad Tale of the “Ravenous”

I met with Ihan south of the Ascalon settlement under a bridge nearby the Pirates camp. After the undead attack a few days ago they wouldn’t be quick to trust newcomers but Ihan already had a plan. He set up torches near the camp which were enchanted with pure life force by a priest of Melandru. While they burned down they would surely attract undead. I would disguise myself as a Pirate and attempt to join the crew. After fighting together against the undead they would surely trust me. At least thats what Ihan thought.

At first the Captain tried to turn me down in an instand. I only overheard a little that he still mourned the loss of the ship. There was no more time to talk properly since one of the other crewmembers reported that the undead were already near. Ihan’s plan went exact as he thought the moment the Captain heard undead were attacking he offered me a place in the crew if I would help defending the camp.
It was a harsh match, especially with these undead Pirates. They had torches with them, quickly burning everything to ash that stood in their way. I decided it was best to lure them in the river nearby and fight them there. A good plan. They were much easier to fight underwater and the next arriving bunch couldn’t spot us under the surface.

After everyone of Zhaitans minions got what he deserved the Captain told hist First Mate Gaets to tell me what happened to their ship. Seems like he isn’t quite over it yet. Gaets told me everything. One day a Seraph approached them asking after the seer. They planned to get rid of him on the spot but it seemed like he payed them a lot and told them they would get even more if they helped him. The crew plundered an Orrian cruiser and Kellach got his part of it. A few nights later he came back, screaming for Alastia Crow and telling her to remove a curse from him or else he would kill her. Behind him followed a bunch of undead. Alastia whispered: “Blood of royalty.” to him and Kellach run of after he stabbed her, screaming in his madness.

I was shocked. I spoke with Ihan right away. Considering what we heard, there was only one possibility. Kellach got corrupted by something he took from the Orrian ship and asked for a cure but that is impossible. Since Alastia told him something of royal blood he will, no doubt, try to harm Queen Jennah! We have to get back to Thackeray and the other Order representatives at once. We have to save the Queen!


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