Destiny’s Edge

It was a rather sad meeting. I didn’t knew what happend between them but the bond that once excisted was shattered into pieces. Logan and a Charr named Rytlock Brimstone argued with each other. Eir a Norn and Caithe the Sylvari who invited everyone tried to somehow fix it but it only got worse after Zojja an Asura told Eir was responsible for someones dead. The Norn seemed quite shocked and after a short time the group seperated again. I only found out later on what seemed to have happend and what was bothering Logan. He hold himself responsible for his past decision. When Destiny’s Edge decided to fight an elder dragen he wasn’t with them. He instead protected the Queen. I told him not to give up now. It may take some time but after all what happened is still a painfull memory for everyone. They only need to realize it.

Once they were a group, friends united in battle fighting the Champions of the dragons. But when they finally decided to fight one of the dragons himself something went horribly wrong. I don’t got any more details since Logan wasn’t there but one of the group members, Zojja’s mentor Snaff died in the battle. Since then the group seperated and never meeting again. At least not till today.

I don’t know if there is a way to fix this. I still don’t know enough but for the time being I can only follow the path I decided to take. I’m an outsider I guess I won’t be a real help so I’ll focus on whats important for the moment: to fight Zhaitan and to protect Tyria everywhere I can. Maybe I’ll stumble and fall along the way but these mistakes only make us human. It’s rising again that makes us heroes. From now on a lot of people put their faith into me. I don’t plan on letting them down.


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