Protecting the Queen

I met up with the others in the throne room as soon as everything was prepared. Countess Anise and some members of the Shining Blade were there, the Queen and of course Logan and Josir. We would use the Mortus Virge to defend the Queen and to wipe out every undead that set a foot in the throne room. I was just about to shield the Queen when Kellach arrived. He was still thinking that the Queens Blood could cure the corruption and tried to convince us to let him near the Queen. I told them that he should drop his weapon and after he heared that Alastia Crow lied to him he went mad. He screamed that this couldn’t be true, that I lied and that he would kill us all.

There was no time to lose. I shielded the Queen with the Mortus Virge and took on Kellach at once. He was desperate and I wish we could have helped him but there was no way. We had to kill him or else he would kill the Queen. Fighting with the Mortus Virge made him go down really quick. He resembled more an undead than the human he once was and the Virge is a really effective weapon against them. After Kellach died the risen undead lost their focus just randomly attacking everyone in the room. We split into groups every group taking on a group of undead and in the end no risen managed to get really far away from the entrance.

The battle was finally over. But still our victory was only  a small one. True we managed to save the Queen. This time. If we don’t take on Zhaitan sometime in the near future there may be no place where the Queen will be safe. Logan was quite shocked. Something about Kellach was bothering him. I could see it just by looking at him but I didn’t really get what  we meant at first. Just later on I realized that he was thinking the same. With the dragon alive there wasn’t a place where the Queen would be safe. Only staying at her side wasn’t enough to protect her in the future. He invited me to attend a meeting with an old friend in Lions Arch. Caithe, a Sylvari wrote him a letter that he wanted to speak with him. I told him that I’ll come. It seems like something from his past is still haunting him. I noticed it not the first time. Maybe I manage to figure out what it is when I attend the meeting later.


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