Dredging up the Past

We met again at Molemt Summit near the entrance to the tomb that was buried under ice and rocks until a recent earthquake shook the ground. Sieran told me that the Priory explores dwarven tombs because they knew much about the dragons when they were still alive. Now they are almost extinct and I have to admit that I’ve never even seen one in my entire life.

She was just about to tell me that dregde will destroy anything dwarven they find because they were once enslaved by them. Just a second after that some dregde showed up attacking us right away. They didn’t seem to pleased that we found the tomb and like to get to know everything.

We constantly fought them during our way inside the tomb but luckily we even stumbled upon some artifacts on our way. And about some captured Priory members. It seems that they set out to explore the tomb earlier but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of dredge.

In the end we encountered a Chief of the dredge who told us that they tried to destroy a certain artifact but couldn’t and took it away with them. According to the dredge it was a sword and they were hoping to find a way to destroy it. We had to know more about this sword and Sieran hoped that there was something written on the relics that we recovered earlier on. But to translate them we had to ask Gixx, another member of the Priory to decipher them for us.

I’d really like to know what kind of sword can’t be destroyed easily and I am also a bit excited about seeing the Priory main building.


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