Meeting my Mentor

After I left Logan to his thoughts I met up with my future Mentor of the Durmand Priory but first I encountered another member of the Priory Explorer Kekt. He told me about the history of the Order. It was founded long ago by a man called Durmand who once said: “Your power is equal to the sum of your knowledge.”

The Priory is a bastion of history, containing the collected wisdom of the ages. For two hundred years they stood upon a fundation of lore, research and exploration. When Lion’s Arch was flooded by the rise of the nation of Orr, their forebearers rescued the city’s survivors.

They salvaged knowledge that would otherwise have been lost. Now, as the dragons ravage ever-greater expanses of Tyria, they must do even more. They have to discover the truths that Tyria needs to survive: where the dragons came from, why, and how to end their threat.

Sieran will be my mentor. She is a very cheerfull Sylvari, excited about almost everything connected to knowledge and old tombs. And it seems to me that she loves adventures more than anything else. Her first orders where to take me back to the main Priory building but when she heard of an ancient tomb she couldn’t resist and decided to take a little sidestep.

I got nothing against it, it’s not only on our way, I really like to know more about dwarfs and after all what should happen anyway?


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