The Durmand Priory

I was overwhelmed at least that was a part of what I was feeling. There is no such word to really describe every shade of the emotions that surged through my body when I first saw the Priory headquarters. The entire building was carved out of one of the mountains himself set up high in the Shiverpeaks. The large hallway which lead to the heart of the building had shelves on both sides all filled with scrolls from various centuries. But the most fascinating thing was the heart of the Priory.

In the middle of the room shone a warm orange pillar of light down from the ceiling and around it were hundreds of tablets floating in the air. I just stood there staring and nearly missed out the moment when Sieran introduced Gixx to me. As she had predicted he was angry and if I heared right it wasn’t the first time that Sieran had made a short sidetrip during her duty.

Well it didn’t matter for long, when Gixx translated the runes on the dwarven relics and heard that the dredge had gotten away with a sword he ordered us to retrieve it as once. The reason why it couldn’t be destroyed so easily was because it was made out of blood. Dragon blood. It seemed to be the legendary Sanguinary Blade which was lost when the Stone Summit dwarves vanished.

A sword made of frozen dragon blood. I couldn’t imagine that such a thing even existed. Hopefully we retrieve it quick. It sounds like this sword could be of huge importance in our war against Zhaitan.


One response to “The Durmand Priory

  1. When I first came upon the Durmand Priory I thought it was one of the more well constructed areas of the game. It was majestic. It conveyed the only meaning that it had to, lore. It was truly a place of storytelling.

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