Gendarran Fields

Since Sieran had to do some research before we took off to retrieve the Blade the dredge had stolen I decided to visit the Gendarran Fields again. I had been here before and the Vigil Keep in the north east truly left an impression on me.

The people here had to struggle with the centaurs, pirates and dredge, there was rarely a corner where it was really peacefull but still they settled here.

After fighting of some of the pirates for a former member which had been betrayed by their own crew I had a nice duel with an Asura who wanted to found his own crew. It was a nice match you really shouldn’t underestimate Asura just because they are small. Size doesn’t really matter.

In a hidden cave near Guardian’s Pass I found a tiny golem. I wonder who had left him there. He offered me a weird potion. I know you shouldn’t drink anything you get from strangers but I was just curious. What happened? It turned me into Ooze for a short while. A kinda strange feeling, don’t know if I want to do that again. Well rather not.

After this I visited the Snowblind Peaks and used Vollym’s Battle Pit to train myself. The norn are measuring their strength their by battling against wild creatures they cought. It was quite a challange and still whenever I stand near a norn I really feel tiny. They are so huge..

Well, at the end of the day I decided to take a look if Sieran is finished with her research. If not I’ll surely find something else to do.


3 responses to “Gendarran Fields

    • Well I wouldn’t try this potion again but I guess it’s not so bad that I had never tried if I knew what would happen. And at least I much prefer turning into ooze than into one of the cave trolls that were inside.

      • True, if you don’t try something you’ll never know. Hmm, cave trolls? I haven’t run into many of those. I hope not to, unless they’re friendly!

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