Bad Blood

I met with Sieran near the ancient dwarven tomb of Dagnar Stonepate. Several hundred years ago he was the one who killed Rurik on his journey to Kryta. The prince sacrificed his life to ensure the safety of the refugees who fled the Charr to start anew in Kryta.

The tomb was protected by several traps. Sieran was lucky enough to have some spells which helped her avoid most of them. I had to dodge all of them and to make my way through them by foot. It was dangerous but I couldn’t help feeling excitement flowing through my veins. You don’t get to search an ancient dwarfen tomb every day and assuming the traps that were set all over the place they had to protect something valuable. I almost forgot that we were here to retrieve the sword and not to search for artifacts.

Halfway we stumbled upon the ghost of Dagnar Stonepates Drake mount. It didn’t notice us but it seemed like it was there to watch over it’s dead master. Well, since I hadn’t as much tricks up my sleeve as Sieran I also had to climb a lot. But nonetheless it was fun. At least until we found the already dead dredge. Since nobody passed us whoever killed those dredge still had to be inside the tomb so we made our way further in.

We stumbled upon some tomb raiders. As opposed to us they only destroy what they find and this time they really meant trouble. Sons of Svanir had stumbled upon the dredge and a Norn named Steag Frostbeard took the sword with him and escaped after he left one of his man behind to kill us. The Svanir had been corrupted by the cut of the blade but we managed to get rid of him. However this is going to be troublesome. The Sons of Svanir worship the dragons, especially Jormag. In addition we can’t retrieve the sword unless we want to get corrupted.

For now we can’t go after Frostbeard. Instead we have to find a way to protect ourselves from the dragon corruption caused by the blade. We had to choices. Either we would go and search for the sword’s original scabbard the dwarves used or we would create something of our own using the knowledge of the Priory. Sieran left the decision to me and of course I was eager to search for the original sheath. It sounds more exciting to me and if we are to retrieve an ancient sword I think it’s original scabbard suits it best.

Hopefully there is another dwarven tomb with a lot of traps involved next time. I can’t wait to continue searching but sadly Sieran first has to look up some things about the scabbard. It would be a waste of time if we started searching in the wrong places.


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