A visit to the Grove

Since I heard next to nothing form Sieran in the last days I decided to write her a letter. It turned out that she’s still stuck in the archive among the scrolls about the sword we are looking for, trying to find a clue where the scabbard could be hidden. It seems like she found some hints were it could be but not enough to say it’s already worth a search.

Since it might take her another few day’s till she figures something out I decided to wander around a bit. At first I had helped Sieran to search the countless documents in the headquarters of the Priory but at the second day she told me to get out and do something else. It seemed to me like she was worried I could get bored if I didn’t have anything to fight. Well, at first I thought the same and followed her advice but after a while I figured that there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to do.

It was rather relaxing to have the opportunity to just do nothing. I just noticed how occupied my mind had been with the sword, the dragons, undead and everything else that was bothering Tyria at the moment. I was worrying quite too much to an extend even doing nothing was exhausting. It wasn’t easy to stop but I managed quite good these last days. It just won’t do any good if I only worried till I dropped. From time to time everyone needs a break and I sized this opportunity to take a little trip.

I was sick of the icy cold landscape around me and my soul longed for warmth. After I had made up my mind I headed straight to the next asura portal already settled where I wanted to go.

After I got out of the Portal I took a deep breath of the fresh warm air and inhaled the smell of flowers. The Grove is a misterious place, my mind calmed down the instant I took my first step on the soft gras beneath my feet. Much to my surprise flowers bloomed, the instant I moved. Sean also seemed to like the change, he wandered around a bit but always staying close enough so he wont get seperated somewhere. I’ve never been here, neither I have really met a Sylvari before. For now I decided just to wander around a bit and enjoy the weather.

It’s strange to know you walk around on a huge tree. Everything here in the Grove is part of it and it seems some of the first born Sylvari used their magic to just grow everything they needed. The houses, fences even the lamps are plants. Some of the tables I saw where grown mushrooms, the light in the dark comes from glowing flowers and even the Syvari themself glow in the dark. The tree even gives birth to dogs. Of course they are made of vine and wood, they are called Fern Hounds and one kept following me around all over the place.

I decided to stay the night here. Sieran promised to write me a letter if she were to find anything useful and after all I still haven’t seen all of this place but it’s already dawn.


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