Caledon Forest

I left the Grove to take a look around in Caledon Forest. The Wardens are always troubled by something. May it be either the undead or the nightmare court. But this put aside the Forest is really beautiful. I’ve never seen a place like this before. Plants I don’t recognise from anywhere else, the smell of flowers in the air and of course the warmth that lingers around this place.

I really enjoyed a walk there, although I have to admit as always some trouble found me straight away. A group of undead was attacking Wardenhurst as I approached the outpost. It’s one of the last defenses prior to the grove and it meant real trouble if this outpost would fall. We drove them back together but since it’s undead they are bound to come back some time in the future. It seems like there is no place in Tyria left where you can escape from Zhaitans grasp.

I stumbled upon a kennel of Fern Hounds later on. A Sylvari named Danador is taking care of them. They got a frequent problem with poisonous spiders attacking them. It seems like these spiders carry a desease which is really dangerous for these hounds. It infects them fast and kills them even faster. Gladly Danador also got some pest repellent, which works really well.

I was just playing with some of the pups as those dreadfull spiders began attacking. We managed really well but it’s quite a hard task out here. I don’t know how many strangers are dropping by every day but I think most of the time Danador and his apprentice Madoine have to manage all by themselves. But I really have to admit that these hounds are cute. If I’m finished with my tasks I might drop by here again.


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