Under the Surface

Today my way lead me once again through Lions Arch. From time to time I just wander around the City, watching all the different folk that gathers in the streets. Today my feet seemed to have a plan of their own and some time later I found myself on the beach, staring at the horizon and at the Ocean that lay before me.

I decided to spend my time diving and I really didn’t think I find so much under water. Theres so much life here, some we know and I’m sure that there is still some we don’t know. I swam through the ruins of the old Lion’s Arch, sunken to the bottom of the ocean when Zhaitan rose Orr from it’s ground. The two Lions are still guarding the steps which lead to a part of the city, quietly waiting there. I’m kinda curious which place they were protecting, I guess I’ll take a look in the Priory Archive later.

Guild Wars 2-05-10-2013 13-23-15

Besides the majesty of these Statues it struck me how peacefull and quit it is down here. You hear next to nothing, only the faint echo of movements from fish gliding through the water, some bubbly noises from air searching it’s way from the ground towards the sky. But even these noises don’t disturb the peace you find under water. Nothing really seems to notice that the World, that Tyria is threatend by the dragons this very moment, that war is on everyones dorstep and that so much is at stake. Time just flows quietly, like the currents I feeled down there in the deep blue Ocean.

Guild Wars 2-05-10-2013 14-01-00

I swam towards the open shore, though I have to admit I didn’t came really far. A strong current pulled me backwards but when I dived deeper down I was entirely astonished by the deep blue. How many secrets lie beneath the water, untouched for ages, unknown, where only faint whispers from those secrets may be the only thing that still exist above the surface, if these haven’t already died out and vanished in thin air? I’m tempted to find out, I may find nothing beyond those vast waters but at least something is certain. I may find at least this quiet, peacefull world, filled with the calming blue.


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