The Tengu

Some days ago, when I went through Lions Arch I accidentaly took a wrong turn and stumbled across some Tengu who where obviously guarding a huge gate there. I spoke to one of the Tengu Yuki Honestcrest and he told me that behind that gate lay the Dominion of the Winds, the homeland of the Tengu.

Sketch of a Tengu

Sketch of a Tengu*

They don’t let outsiders in and the Tengu warned me that insult would only earn a tengu’s arrow. It seems like they deeply distrust the other races but when I asked him for a reason he told me that it’s not the time yet. Before he would tell me anything our race had to prove his worth.

It was a puzzle to me. To be honest I didn’t know much about the Tengu and I wanted to change that. After my talk with the Tengu in Lions Arch I asked some of the villagers if there were another place where I could meet one of them and probably asked them some questions. A Sylvari after all told me that there were a second gate in Caledon Forest, it was the west gate to the Dominion of the Winds and guarded by other Tengu.

Western Gate to the Dominion of the Winds

The Western Gate to the Dominion of the Winds, located in Caledon Forest

I took off at once, eager to get to know them some more. The Tengu I met there is called Hayato and to my pleasure a little more talkative than Yuki Honestcrest. This is what he told me:

The Dominion of the Winds is the home of the Tengu, founded around a hundred years ago when one of the descendents of the venerable Silverwing led their people to this place through waves of Orrian corruption. All clans are united in this one place and it seems all surviving Tengu from Cantha and Elona are now living here. They were seeking for safety from the Great Tsunami and if I guess right that is the reason why they build such a strong wall around their home.

Appearently the Tengu were ill treated by some other nations, that at least seems to be part of the reason why they don’t allow others behind their gates. Instead they are trading with us only on the outside of their home, one of those places is the Hanto Trading Post.

It seems like the weapons they make are selling really well and I certainly got curious about them. When I manage to make my way to the Traiding Post I’ll take a look at those weapons. Regarding to there weapon of choice it’s upon to the individual it seems for some parts it’s also dependent of the clan they are in.

Wall of the Dominion of the Winds

Wall of the Dominion of the Winds

That’s all I got but it’s enough to make me even more curios. Well, hopefully I meet some more Tengu as my travel continues and I’ll sure visit the Traiding Post as soon as I can.

The Wall they build is really impressive. I’m curious how long it took to build it, maybe I manage to find some more details in the Priory archives.


*At this point I like to thank Zackichan that she allowed me to use her artwork for this post.


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