As I’m constantly traveling, running from north to south, choosing asura gate and waypoint to get even faster from place to place I recently startet wondering: Where is my home?

Is it in the vast, cold but beautiful Shiverpeak Mountains near Hoelbrak? In the steelmade dark Black Citadel of the Charr? In the large, vastly nature surrounding Caledon Forest or is it still in the last place that belongs to us Humans, the City of Divinity’s Reach.

I certainly grow up there, so you could argue thats naturally where my home is. I’ve seen many farmers deprived of their land and everything they build with their own hands by bandits, centaurs and other dreadfull things that may roam the area where humans still live. Some won’t leave, even after they lost everything and most times it takes more than one Lionguard and more than one day to get them to leave behind what little is left of what they once called home. I know what they are going through and I feel for them every time I come across another stubborn farmer and another exhausted Lionguard trying to persuade him. But somehow it seems like this doesn’t apply for me at all.

Certainly I grew up in the City but living on the streets my quarters often changed twice a week, either running from the law that the Seraph made or from other groups that were roaming the area, trying to find someone weak they could use as a scapegoat. There is no definite place I can call home, no place I am really bound to and for quite a while I wondered if I weren’t missing something, lacking something to really understand someone who lost their place, their home and was forced to take refugee in some of the larger Citys.

It was just chance that I finally found my answer. Packing up my stuff after a night I camped outside under the clear sky I, just on time, noticed something glittering on the ground. I picked it up and I realised that I nearly would have lost the amulet my parents gave me after I was born. Just due to it’s sight I finally got my answer, my answer to the place where I’m really home. It won’t be the streets of Divinity’s Reach but rather the old ruin, once the home where my parents lived, where I grew up for a while. Though I have already been deprived of this, there is too much wildlife roaming the area and no chance for me to rebuild it. But that isn’t necessary. After all thats only where I come from, in the end it doesn’t count which place I once called home but where I feel at home. The answer is simple: everywhere.

My parents left me tasks behind, tasks to protect Tyria, to protect everything dear to me, even if it may cost my life. Just by remembering this, just by knowing that what I’m doing is not only necessary but the right thing to do I make every place I am my home. After all the feeling at home isn’t just bound to a place it’s rather bound to our heart and as long as I carry on the duty my parents left for me I’m home.


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