A new attire

Since some time I knew I needed to change my tactic during fights and of course new armor. The old one looked quite ragged now with holes and ripped parts all over. I tried to fix it but I knew since long that it would only be a short term solution.

At least today I took the time to get a new one. It’s really comfortable for fighting but solid enough to protect and won’t stall my movement. And I got some nice bags that serve well for my new fighting style.

I love my longbow and wouldn’t go for another weapon but I noticed that I was far to vulnarable while standing on one spot firing arrows at my foes. I still use my bow but now accompanied with some usefull traps that serve too stall my enemies while approaching me and a nice fire trap that burns my foes. I even tweaked my stronger arrows so they grant me some stealth when I fire them. It’s really usefull in battle and the many bags on my armor serve nicely to store all the material needed for those traps.

Ah, and I forgot to mention: Sean has a little bear girlfriend. The two get along just fine, seems like he got into girls only recently. Well, I’m curious how it works out between them.


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