The Stone Sheath

We finally recovered the Stone Sheath of the Sanguinary Blade!

After a lot, and I really mean a lot, of research we came to one conclusion. The Sheath had to be somewhere in False Lake. Once there was a large Stone Summit fortress. Now everything had been retaken by nature and at the shore it was nearly impossible to tell what treasures lay beneath the waves.

The Durmand Priory had already started to recover the artifacts, but before they even had the chance to recover a fraction of the artifacts lying beneath pirates pushed the researchers back and since then every endeavor to recover more was quite a dangerous mission. Sieran concluded out of old scripts and tales that this fortress was the only possible place where the Sheath could have been kept.

Considering the given circumstances there was only one conclusion to make. We had do dive into the lake and search for the Sheath. Every pirate who stood in our way would get a proper beating or rather we would convince them to let us pass – with our weapons.

I pulled the breathing apparatus out of my bag and dipped it in the water for some time. I didn’t even remember when I used it last and we surely didn’t need it to malfunction while we where down there searching for the scabbard. I exchanged my beloved longbow for my harpoon gun and jumped straight into the icy cold water.

It wasn’t as bad as I head feared, after taking some deep breaths and getting my sight adjusted to the dim light under water I carefully made some strokes. Everything was working alright and I signaled Sieran that we could start searching. I was still able to distinguish the once dwarven made structures of the fortress from the part nature had taken entirely over. Some dwarven homes had still survived and inside we found artifacts scattered on the ground. No scabbard though.

We took everything that seemed worth to research, carefully considering the weight of everything that we pocketed. There were still pirates out there and we couldn’t risk to lose a fight because of the heavy artifacts in our bags. It was only seconds later that I saw the first pirates approaching us. I quickly pointed them out to Sieran and we drew our weapons. We never got a chance to even scratch them. Only seconds later some Quaggan guards appeared and proceeded to take them down. The only shot I made vanished into nowhere since the pirates body I had aimed at was sinking to the bottom of the lake.

We followed the guards to their village and they even gave us some hints to where we could continue our search. We thanked them and swam in the direction they had pointed out to us. Nearly everything that once had been dwarven had already vanished in this area and I had only little hope that the pirates hadn’t taken every artifact around here. I was wrong. Amongst some of the rubble of what had been some time the wall to a dwarven home we found the scabbard. I picked it up carefully and showed it Sieran who visibly showed how delighted she was.

Back at the shore we discussed how to find the blade, now after we had retrieved the scabbard. At this time I actually figured out that Sieran already knew where the Norn where hiding with the scabbard. Arcanists at the Priory had used a scrying spell to determine the exact location of the sword and since Sieran had forgotten that we had been supposed to report in after we searched the Tomb we were under double-secret probation.

It couldn’t be helped at least I reminded Sieran to bring the scabbard to our next destination before we parted ways.


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